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DJ Artistry

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I have a huge love of music that started early in my life. I have not had the easiest real life, and I’ve had to overcome a lot of things! Music has been my escape for many years. When I could not express my feelings music got my point across! This is why I’m passionate about this art of DJ’ing! Feel free to listen to my radio station when I have my music shows going each Saturday from 6 PM SLT – Whenever I decide I’ve had enough.

DJ Artistry Musical Style

I’m a child of my environment. I grew up listening to Rap & Hip Hop. Those are the genres I know so well. However I feel that tons of rap are so negative and so I like to use a twist in my performances, playing positive Hip Hop and R&B Tunes in my sets! I also specialize in 90’s Music as well!